The Berkshire Society of Rugby Football Union Referees

The purpose of the training section is to help match officials gain a better understanding of the game and the laws and thereby contribute more effectively to an enjoyable experience for all involved in the game, whether it be first XV, fourth XV or a youth side. Two introductory sources of information that are recommended are:




The RFU handout on the 2017 Global law trials can be viewed here

Law changes 2017 – RFU Handout


Twitter Q&A with Matthew Carly regarding the 2017/8 Global law trials

GLTs Twitter QA Summary – 2017.08.03



  • The IRB Officiating web site contains much information pertaining to the game, the laws and the roles of match officials. One segment of that site is Why the whistle was blown (or not).¬† This is part of a wider IRB programme that you may wish to read through.


  • The Irish RFU has published a very comprehensive run through of refereeing that is aimed at all levels and can be downloaded from IRFU Referee Manual.



The BSRFUR Grading Capability Matrix explains what is required of out referees at the various levels.

BSRFUR Grading Capability Matrix (2017-04)



The following documents summarise the information and decisions reached at some of the society training meetings:


BSRFUR Mar 2017 – Kicks

BSRFUR Feb 2017 – Lineout

Communication – Use of down time

Communication – Grading by Level

Communication – Preventative Refereeing

Guidelines on Refereeing 7′s

Management – Grading by Level

Management – managing abuse

Management – MinimalZero tolerance

Management – Not Blowing the Whistle

Management – Pre-Match Briefing Planner

Management – Pre-Match Briefing

Referee Preparation – Pre match routine

Referee Preparation – Pre-match management


Society meeting handouts and presentations:


Talk given by Ritchie Denver on 7′s refereeing

Sevens Quick


Talk by Dean Richards

Oct 2016 – Dean Richards


Managing discipline

Management – Discipline



BSRFUR Apr 2015 – Handout



BSRFUR Mar 2017 – Kicks