The Berkshire Society of Rugby Football Union Referees

All our Appointments, Re-Appointments and Mid-Week Appoints are created, notified and re-arranged for the membership via the Who’s The Ref online system.

Towards the end of each month, an email will be sent to your nominated email account notifying you of your appointments for the following month. You will be required to IMMEDIATELY click the “Accept” or “Decline” instruction included for each fixture on your list of Appointments.


Checking availability

To ensure the system work as smoothly as possible, ALL members are required to log in regularly and ensure their “Availability” is kept-up-to-date. Ideally, this should be done during the first 7 days of each month. The default setting of the system is “Not Available” so if you want to be appointed to games you MUST make sure the system shows an accurate record of when you are or are not available. Failure to do this simple task will result in you not being appointed to any games.


Last minute changes

If any last minute changes to your availability occur, it is your responsibility to contact one of the Appointments Team (Simon Bourne, Richard Flower, Rob Reilly) by telephone.

Emails / Texts should only be used as a confirmation NOT notification of your change in availability.




If you become unavailable after accepting a fixture

in respect of WTR, you have got to:


  1. Decline the fixture
  2. Make yourself unavailable


To decline at this stage, you need to go into ‘Fixtures’ where you will be faced with screen 1 as below.  Click on ‘Ref’ or the role you have been allocated beside your name, this will then take you into screen 2 below.  You then just need to click on ‘HERE’.  This will take you into Screen 3 as below – from here you need to complete the box indicating your reason for declining the game…AND most importantly, if you are going to be unavailable check the box beside ‘Do you wish to make yourself unavailable on this date?’ Then hit ‘Decline’ and job done.


There is absolutely no need to send Richard, Steve or Simon a separate Email with the same explanation as they will get a copy of your decline and reason.  There is also no need to contact anyone else appointed to your game, as again the decline will be automatically sent to them.


Guys…we need you to get this right please.  I say again, it is your responsibility to decline an appointment and we are unable to re-appoint to the game until such time as you have declined it.  If you also don’t make yourself unavailable, you may well find yourself being re-appointed to the same game, which obviously wastes everyones time.


This all needs to be done ASAP, so as to give us sufficient opportunity to find a replacement.


If you have any queries with this, please contact Simon Bourne immediately.  If not, it is expected that you follow the above every time without fail please.