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2nd January 2018

Simplified laws of the game.


The new Law Book, removing something like 40% of the text, came into force yesterday (01/01/2018).

The key change to be aware of is that Foul Play is now covered in Law 9 (previously Law 10) and the specific references are different – therefore you need to be aware of the new references for completing any Sending Off Reports going forward.

Letter to Game re New Law Book

Age Grade crib sheet

Crib sheet for new law

World Rugby Laws 2018 EN

Also here is a link to the new Law Book on the World Rugby website:


7th February 2017

Update from World Rugby with regard to contact with the head and the scrum

6 Nations Meeting – High Tackle and Scrum Update – 2017.02.06



RFU Regulations


IRB Laws:




19th August 2016

Power point presentation from the August 2016 meeting regarding the law changes

John Ford has added notes re

– what if the ball  is not used after we have called “Use it” at static scrum

– initially award Accidental Offside at lower levels from long-arm present at the lineout/maul and upgrade if it persists.

BSRFUR Aug 2016



University Rugby


29th August 1018

This is the link to the Rugby Union Regulations for Reading Uni’s league for 2018 – 19.





Local league rules and regs


3rd September 2015:

Rules and Regs for all League and Group matches etc upward, for the 201-2016 season:


BBO Leagues

BBO Regs 2018-2019





Related SW Group regs


AOC league





Womens Rugby

17th January 2018

Gill Burns Women’s County Championship – Contacts

Gill Burns County Championship Fixtures 2018

Women’s County Championship Regulations 2017-18 Final



20th November 2017

for reference, particularly for some of the later pool/knock-out games for Henley Ladies

RFU WomensSeniorCup 2017-18 Regs

15th December 2014

Womens cup competition guidlines

Womens 2014-5 Junior Cup Guidlines

Womens 2014-5 Intermediate Cup Guidlines

Womens 2014-5 Senior Cup Guidlines





Age Grade Rugby

17th August 2016

Following a four year review of rugby for under 18’s, led by the RFU, in consultation with a wide cross section of the game, Age Grade Rugby will roll out from September 2016.

The Age Grade Competition Review (AGCR) found:

  • A lack of clarity of the competition pathway for young players
  • Conflict between club, school, college and the representative competition structure
  • A tendency to overplay the talented players and underplay the less able to achieve results.

Age Grade Rugby is based on the principles of player centred, development driven and competition supported.  The wants and needs of young people will be at its heart.  It will put player enjoyment above all else to keep more young people enjoying the game for longer and into their adult years.

Age Grade Rugby will ensure:

  • Consistent age bandings and incremental player progressions for all age grade rugby
  • A nationally consistent playing menu and calendar that increases inclusivity, clarifies player priorities and dovetails club, school, college competitions
  • An integrated England Rugby Player Development pathway and representative framework
  • Training and Continuous Professional Development for coaches, referees, parents, teachers and others.

As part of the review young people told the RFU that, above all else, they wanted to have fun playing rugby with their friends. Both expert opinion and the RFU’s own research have shown that emphasis has historically been placed on winning, with evidence of over playing the able players and under playing those less able players to achieve results. Age Grade Rugby will put inclusivity and each player’s skill development first, with the increasing intensity of competition introduced later. Young players will start with festivals and triangulars and progress to knockouts, tournaments and leagues as they get older and develop their game.

Experts believe rugby is a late specialism sport and recommend that the representative rugby programme should wait until U15 when players have matured.   The RFU’s player development programme will be shaped to ensure that it complements the rest of the age grade game as well as identifying and developing the more able players and providing them with higher intensity competitive opportunities.  It will also ensure a focus on their core playing programme in clubs, schools and colleges so that selection and representative rugby balances with the rest of a player’s season and motivations for taking part in rugby union.

September 2016 will also see the full roll out of the new Rules of Play under Regulation 15.

The principles behind these rules is to provide a playing format with building blocks to the 15-a-side game that allows players time to get to grips with the basics of running and catching the ball before contact and specialism is gradually introduced.

The schools and clubs who have trialed these rules have been extremely positive about the results and believe they give each player more chance to play in an environment based on activity, safety and fun.

Please refer to the followinf three documents.

AG Brochure 2016

Age Grade Guidance – July 2016

Regulation 15 – June 2016



24th April 2016.

Latest law amendments and guidlines

2016 – LRG_Minor_Law_Amendments



3rd October 2015:

Rules and Regs for Colts





Law clarifications and amendments 


16th December 2014

3 Law clarifications from World Rugby (formerly IRB), one of which was discussed at the November meeting…


World Rugby Clarification in Law 7 – 2014

World Rugby Clarification in Law 8 – 2014

World Rugby Clarification in Law 9 – 2014



14th November 2014

Three new law clarifications to enjoy reading.


IRB Law Clarification 4 2014

IRB Law Clarification 5 2014

IRB Law Clarification 6 2014



38th October 2014

front row replacement logic tree


FR Logic Tree 14-15 (Level 5 below) – 2014 09 01 (2)



7th October 2014

Law clarification


IRB Law Clarification 3 2014 – Method of Scoring – 2014.10.01



Law variation

Under 16 – County Games – Law Variations – 2014.10.02



24th June 2014:

Have you tried the IRB New Laws Exam For 2014 yet?
New Laws exam for 2014
14th June 2014:


The IRB has clarified the oft-asked question of when is the ball out of the ruck when the scrum half reaches in to retrieve it. See Offside at the ruck May 2014




13th June 2014:


The IRB has issued a set of law changes to be effective forthwith. They reflect review of several of the trial laws that were in place last season together with a few subtle changes for tidying things up. See May 2014 Law amendments